5 Vendor-Neutral IoT Sites for CIOs and CXOs

If you thought that the world of Internet of Things is going to slow down for a while, you are wrong: IoT continues to pique the curiosity and stake the dollars of people and companies alike.

A few recent headlines, not in the exact words how they appeared, but just to give you an IoTa of what’s happening:

Samsung Plans to Put $1.2 Billion in USA into IoT (Forbes)

The Internet of Things Goes Nano (Scientific American)

When it comes to IoT, Germany is beating the US (DigitalTrends.com)

Amazon, Google and Volvo Want to Seamlessly Integrate the IoT into Your Life (AdWeek)

There are skeptical pieces, too, like this one:

Why the Internet of Things Might Not Be the Next Big Thing (The Motley Fool)


As I mentioned in my previous blog post on the use cases of IoT, there could be a reasonable debate about the numbers, but when it comes to a discussion on IoT, things are going to be in billions and trillions rather than millions and billions—that’s what I personally think.

And as CXOs in India and elsewhere put their heads together working out their “connected cars” or “wearables” or “industrial/manufacturing IoT” strategy, the Ciscos and IBMs and GEs and Googles of the world will continue to vie for dominance in whatever segments of IoT they operate or choose to operate.

So I thought of compiling a short and (hopefully) unbiased list of websites giving IoT information and resources, which might be helpful to decision makers and other execs wanting to take a vendor-neutral view of the developing IoT scenario.

Needless to say, this is neither an exhaustive list nor ranked in any order. But it might come in handy for those working in the IoT space or trying to do their own thing.

Internet of Things Wiki: As the name suggests, the Wiki approach to understanding the basic concepts of IoT, getting general info and stats, etc.

The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation: Launched by the European Commission and key industry players in 2015; claims to be the largest European IoT ecosystem (Don’t ask me for potential Brexit impact!)

The Internet Society: A section about IoT on the site of the Society whose mission is to promote open development and use of Internet for the benefit of everyone in the world.

IEEE Internet of Things: When it comes from one of the world’s topmost technical professional communities, the I-Triple-E, credibility comes naturally, right?

The Internet of Things Council: An independent think tank for IoT, it gives news and developments from multiple sources and has a rich roster of members, which includes innovators, researchers, writers, analysts, academics, entrepreneurs and many others.

I hope some of the complexities associated with your own IoT journey or plans would get smoothed out, if not really simplified, by the resources cited in the above links.

This is not all, of course, and there will be many a thing in the offing.

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