Infosec Execs are Dealing with Human Ingenuity, which is Powerful

Amit Yoran, President, RSA set the tone for the three-day RSA Conference 2016 APJ in Singapore with his opening keynote. He spoke around perspectives, and how there is a need to change perspectives to change the results.


Yoran urged the cybersecurity professionals to bring about a change in their perspective when designing their cybersecurity strategies, and to look beyond the traditional security and point products addressing a narrow spectrum of cyber threats and challenges. Without building better strategies to detect and respond to today’s advanced threats organizations cannot hope to succeed.


What organizations require are new analytics and detection methodologies. Ones that take advantage of improved visibility, help identify anomalies on the network, in the systems and in user behavior, and give the speed to insight so that the right actions can be taken.


“The fact of the matter is that we are dealing with focused adversaries with creativity, patience and persistence. They are unpredictable with a wide range of tools at their disposal and using a combination of techniques in an orchestrated fashion. They will orchestrate their attacks until they are successful. We are dealing with human ingenuity, which is a powerful thing,” he explained.


“Because of the protections we have put in place, the adversaries have chosen to look at the challenge differently. And they are moving at blazing speed. In looking at all of the breaches over the last few years, our adversaries aren’t beating us because they have better technology but because they have succeeded in evolving,” he continued. This requires the cybersecurity professionals also to evolve and re-evaluate their cybersecurity strategies.


Yoran stressed on the need to marry business context and cybersecurity issues, and this business driven security to influence the new perspectives. To the CEOs and boards it doesn’t matter which vulnerability caused what breach. But, they care about the overall impact to the business. The core of this new perspective on cybersecurity is the need to provide better and more comprehensive insights than what legacy tools and systems can provide.


On the topic of business and information security coming together, the keynote outlined the growing trend of cybersecurity moving to the boardroom and becoming a topic of concern to the board executives. They are trying to understand how a security breach can impact the business, both in terms of revenues loss and damage to reputation.


This will require the CISO’s to re-evaluate their security strategies over the next 12-18 months, which brings us back to the keynote’s overarching theme of changing the perspectives. It’s time to create cybersecurity strategies that link breaches and threats to the business impact, and are driven by business needs.


Yoran’s final message to the cybersecurity professionals: “Don’t be afraid to make a shift, to change your views, to change your perspective. It’s time to look at things from a different angle. It’s time to gain a different perspective.”

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