Looking to Attract Top Digital Talent? Here’s Help

There is a lot of digital talk amongst businesses these days. And one area that is one of the constant pet peeves of CIOs often comes up for discussion in the digital realm as well: hiring talented folk.

Given that digital itself is a rather new phenomenon (in the full-blown way we see it at least), one would assume that there’s a dearth of good talent here, and rightly so.

That could be the reason that research and analyst firm Gartner has dedicated a recent article on its site to acquiring top talent for digital business. It notes that the balance of power here has shifted “from the employer to the job seeker.”

Needless to say, this calls for a change in approach from the traditional hiring methods. According to Richard Hunter, Vice President and Gartner Fellow in Gartner’s CEO Research Group, “Seeing talent as a customer, and employment by IT as a brand promise fulfilled, will improve talent acquisition and retention.”

This seems to echo the sentiments of many CIOs whom dynamicCIO interviewed for our research for the book 21 Jewels of Digital late last year. Some of the CIOs pulled out a leaf or two from the marketing handbooks of the CMOs and worked toward matching the workplace environment with the aspirations or expectations of the Gen Next.

Anyhow, Gartner offers some sane advice based on the examples of organizations such as Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Shell, Zappos and Volvo, among others.

For instance, Zappos, a much talked about shoe and clothing company in the US with an even more storied CEO, Tony Hsieh, “maintains its startup spirit with a non-traditional management structure and holacracy setup.” Among other things, notes Gartner, Zappos hosts biweekly chats and events in cities other than where it is based with the objective of creating an engaged community of people that might “someday be employees.”

Now, which digital dude wouldn’t like to be coaxed and cajoled this way into seeking gainful employment!

For other ideas and stories, you can read the full Gartner piece here.

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