How Powerful Workstations Can Help Enhance Creative Process in Media & Entertainment

Rigorous and cut-throat competition is the hallmark of the Media & Entertainment sector, which counts among the most dynamic industries. Faced with some of the most complex visual computing problems in content creation, animation and special effects applications, these companies are today at the forefront of high performance computing adoption.

This puts a huge onus for staying competitive and ensuring growth on the CIO as the custodian of technology. This comes along with immense responsibility and challenges.

One of the biggest struggles for the IT leaders in the Media & Entertainment industry is enabling the creative professionals with the power to do more. Being able to create at the speed of imagination requires a solid technology support – one that finely balances the key attributes of creativity, speed, power and performance. In other words, packing the punch to design and edit breakthrough content within tight deadlines.

The daily compute intensive workloads require fast rendering in all applications, smooth animation and low downtime. Fast rendering means faster previewing, which in turn, leads to faster editing. Smooth animation ensures lag-free movement that gives a 2D/3D modeling experience that’s true to feel. Low downtime allows staying in the flow from concept to development to delivering on deadline.

To deliver on these aspects the compute resources need to be designed to offer faster processing power with high CPU speed, faster memory and more SSD throughput along with faster pan and zoom. Additionally, they should be able to support world class professional applications from Independent Software Vendors.

A regular desktop computer is not geared for delivering on these promises. This requires next generation powerful workstations that can further enhance the creative process. The Precision range of workstations from Dell are designed to cater to the speed and power requirements of the creative workforce. These customizable workstations are powered with professional software to offer optimized performance and seamless experience.

To complement the compute quality IT leaders also need to enlist world class support such as remote diagnosis and quicker repair of issues. This takes away the headache from resolving issues, leaving enough time and resources to concentrate on core competencies around the creative pursuits of content.

In the end, what really matters is the value that the organization is able to derive from the compute resources, driving better cost performance ratio.

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