Mobile, IoT to Have a Big Impact in Near Future

Shailesh Joshi

An MBA and computer engineer by education, Shailesh Joshi has been in the industry for about 25 years and has worked in a variety of organizations in senior technology management roles. As luck would have it, in most of the organizations where he worked, he was involved in setting up and establishing IT operations there.

This has been quite an exciting and learning journey for Joshi, who says that had he been working in an IT company or on a specific product, he might have gained only limited knowledge. But, thankfully, having set up and scaled IT operations for multiple organizations from the ground up, it has given him a much wider canvas and a more complete sense of achievement. In the past 15 years that he has been a CIO, he has won several awards but the feeling of seeing business critical IT projects through to completion is something else entirely.

Joshi has just moved in as an IT Advisor for an upcoming real estate company which is part of a big Indian conglomerate from his previous role of heading IT at Godrej Industries Ltd. He believes that technology is going to play an important role in his new assignment, which started operations as recently as April this year.

He is a firm supporter of technologies such as cloud computing and IoT that allow one to leapfrog ahead or embed efficiencies hitherto not possible. “There is no reason why fresh or greenfield projects should not benefit from the new tech tools that were either not available earlier or could not be applied in certain legacy environments,” he says. To that end, he is all for using the cloud or best-of-breed apps and keeping the IT ops relatively lean. “Cloud also helps you in being more agile and scalable,” he says.

In the home automation and commercial automation space, Joshi believes IoT can indeed make a huge difference. Today, it is possible to control most of the conveniences in a home, be it lighting, curtains, air-conditioning or whatever, from a mobile app. “It is already starting to happen and the future homes will be much more technology-oriented,” he says.

And the changes won’t just happen internally: there will be smart parking, smart street lighting, etc., to complement the in-home tech. Besides, technologies such as motion-detected lighting are also being implemented in many office environments today.

Another technology making a big impact, according to Joshi, is mobility. The changing demographic of employees in companies will further accelerate their mobility drives, as more and more youngsters want to do everything through their smartphones. Going forward, more organizations will make all their applications, be it ERP or CRM, accessible through the phone. The mobile is increasingly becoming the center of their universe, so to say.

Given the rapid march of new digital tools and the growing penchant for smartphones among a younger employee and consumer base, we could well see a whole paradigm shift in how technology is adopted and deployed by enterprises of all colors and stripes.


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