PwC’s List of Essential Eight Technologies That Matter Now

The fast pace at which newer technologies emerge on the horizon leave organizations in a state of constant struggle - which technologies to adopt, which ones to ignore and which ones to put on the ‘watch out’ list.

In the early stages of a technology’s evolution, CIOs and IT heads find it difficult to accurately ascertain its suitability, adoptability, business use cases and future prospects. Often they are left with no choice but to wait until a technology reaches the fag end of its peak to bring it into the fold. And, by then they would have lost the early movers advantage.

In a bid to make the technology adoption choices a little easier for the C-Suite, PwC recently came out with a list of eight technologies that companies ought to absolutely consider. It tracked over 150 discrete technologies before identifying and shortlisting what it calls the ‘essential eight’ technologies that matter now. These technologies were assessed on the criteria of business impact and commercial viability over the next five to seven years.

The essential eight include the following technologies:

- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

- Augmented Reality (AR)

- Blockchain

- Drones

- Internet of Things (IoT)

- Robots

- Virtual Reality

- 3D Printing

PwC further states that these eight technologies will have an impact across five aspects of an organization’s business model, namely strategy, customer engagement, operations, people and talent, and compliance.

How many and which of these technologies are currently on your tech radar? Chances are that, at least, one from this list of essential eight might already be under implementation in your organization or in the pipeline. Irrespective of where you are in your journey across these technologies its critical to put in place a roadmap that aligns your emerging technologies strategy with your organizational strategy.

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