RSA Equips RSA NetWitness Suite for Threat Detection and Response

RSA has unveiled updates and enhancements to the RSA NetWitness Suite that gives analysts threat detection and response solution to discover, contain and ultimately eradicate threats.

The “Hunter Packs”, delivered via RSA Live, are designed to help organizations detect both known and unknown threats. RSA Live is a service that is engineered to provide content and Threat Intelligence to RSA NetWitness Suite customers.

A new set of “meta keys” facilitates the enablement of new content. An analyst can rapidly find suspicious events by applying content packs that leverage the new meta keys instead of manually editing or updating indices. Specifically, analysts can find behaviors of compromise, identify unusual protocols and file attributes, and quickly categorize threats to streamline investigation.   

RSA NetWitness Suite is engineered to address the threats posed by fast-moving attacks that target strategic business assets with precision and escalating impact through a deep understanding of the broadest set of attack vectors. While organizations recognize the impact these advanced threats present to infrastructure, reputation and financial health, research shows they are slow to detect and respond to these threats.

With the Hunter Packs, RSA NetWitness Suite is designed to offer organizations a unified solution that helps analysts identify and understand compromises so they can detect and respond to threats before they have a negative business impact.

Other features include:

*Expanded behavior analytics capabilities help enable customers to leverage logs to identify potential command and control activities.  

·     *Enhanced Cloud visibility for Azure. As more sensitive data, applications and resources are moving to the cloud, it provides the flexibility organizations need.

·     *Dashboards and reports that enable organizations to show value to management and the Board.

“As RSA continues to execute on our vision around business-driven security offerings, we are continuously expanding our RSA NetWitness Suite to provide insight for our customers and help organizations to have the  comprehensive ability to defeat today’s security threats, said, Michael Adler, Vice President, Product, NetWitness Suite, RSA.





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