Security Outlook for 2017 and Beyond

As we step into 2017, Kartik Shahani, Managing Director- India & SAARC, RSA.highlights some of the top trends that are likely to emerge this year:

1. Call for increased transparency

Disclosure of cyber breaches can strengthen and unify the fight against organized crime and decrease the chances of multiple organizations falling prey to attackers using similar techniques. Demand for mandatory disclosure will gain traction and bring the industry together in their fight against cybercrime.

2.  Adoption of business-driven security model

We will witness increase in adoption of the business driven security model. Businesses will demand that they achieve end-to-end security while also being able to link their security strategy to a business goals to drive innovation and reduce costs.

3. Increased spend on security measures

Data breaches are becoming more prevalent and global averages show that the cost of data breach is constantly on the rise. Organizations will need to reexamine their security programs once they learn that preventing advanced threats from occurring is not possible.

4. IoT will emerge as a new target

Security experts believe that there may be millions of infected IoT devices already in the wild due, as evidenced by recent DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks conducted through IoT botnets like Mirai.

5. Increased attacks on cloud and application service providers

Though cloud providers are developing more layers of security, cyber attackers will continue to take advantage of sensitive applications and data that reside in the cloud. The aggregation of this valuable data from many companies creates an incredibly lucrative target for cybercriminals and cyber espionage.

6. Increased attack surface for hackers

With more people demanding for and relying on online technologies, we can expect the surface area for attackers to target to increase. It also emerges as a great avenue for cyber criminals to exploit new adopters of this transition who may be unaware of how to protect themselves.

 As data breach incidents are on the rise, continuous monitoring, early detection and quick action is the key to information security especially with digital India and demonetization compelling masses to adopt technologies for online monetary transactions.  India is at the crux of digital economy and it’s probably the best time to relook at the security policies and cyber laws now to make the dream come true.

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