NSE will Focus on Machine learning, Blockchain and SDN in 2017

In conversation with dynamic CIO, G.M. Shenoy, Senior Vice President at NSE Infotech Services throws light on the technology priorities for NSE in 2017 and the challenges its working on for resolving.


Q. What is your new year technology resolution?

To meet the evolving needs of our users with faster, more cost-effective  and superior technology implementation.

We are also re-evaluating our technology processes in both the development and implementation space. In the implementation space, we are looking at more automation and in the development space we are looking at techniques which will enable us to be more productive.


Q. What are the technology priorities that you are going to focus on in 2017?


We have outlined three major technology areas as part of our agenda to focus on in 2017. These are Machine Learning, Blockchain and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Q. What is on your digitization agenda in 2017?


We want to gain speed in certain areas, like customer facing applications. As an organization, we also expect to increase our focus on mobile, so as to create an ‘anywhere, anytime and any device’ paradigm.


Q. Which is that one technology area that you are betting on for 2017?


We are looking at how to fortify our security. Machine learning is a technology which we believe will have applications in the security area. There is a lot of adaptive intelligence required in the security space, which can be done through machine learning.

Q. What challenge is IT targeting to resolve in 2017?


The challenges remain the same - being faster and cost-effective, and offering better IT solutions. Our IT team will focus on increasing efficiency in its implementation practices. Also, the implementation will be customized to meet the users’ requirements. We aim to bridge the prevailing gap between what the users want and what the technology department delivers.





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