Jagran Plugs Newspaper Delivery Delays and Business Loss with Mobility

Newspapers have a very short shelf life. The slightest delay in delivery means losing business to competition. Plugging any delays is the key to gaining competitive edge. Jagran Publications, one of India’s leading media houses, has digitized its newspaper delivery process through a mobile app that tracks the movement of newspapers right from the printing centers up to the delivery points. Thus, plugging any newspaper delivery delays.


For delivering newspapers from the printing centers to the delivery points, the company hires private taxi carriers on a per km basis. Hence, on-time delivery is completely dependent on these drivers. As they would often pick up private travelers along the way to make quick extra bucks, the deliveries would usually be delayed. This started impacting business. “When people don’t receive their newspaper on time they opt for an alternate one. This resulted in drop in sales,” says Sarbani Bhatia, Vice President – IT, Jagran Publications.


There was no visibility into the route that the carriers were taking, how much time they were spending on the road and what was causing them delays, she adds.


To enable visibility into its newspaper delivery process, Jagran has implemented a GPS enabled Android app which maps all the routes, along with the longitude, latitude and ideal time taken, from the 25 printing centres where Jagran newspaper is printed to the 350 locations where its dropped daily. The drivers are required to log in and log out of the app at the start and end of the journey respectively, enabling tracking of where they are going, how much time they are taking, where they are stopping, etc.


The app compares the punched time with the ideal time and also analyzes the latitude and longitude in case the delivery person tries to manipulate. Now, with hardcore data available the company is able to question the driver and charge penalties as stipulated in the contracts. This discourages them from voluntarily causing any delays.


According to Bhatia, there has been marked improvement in newspaper delivery timelines since the adoption of the app. This has brought down chances of losing business to competition owing to delays. The efficiencies it has brought about in the entire delivery logistics is now prompting the company to extend the app to its other publications, Nai Dunia and Connect.

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