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Before you read this short blog, read the quote in the photo box above. There may be many of us who discounted Steve Jobs as a technology innovator. However, I personally found him a connoisseur - a creative genius. It was only Apple, which finally forced the technology users to change their perceptions and differentiate between a good and a bad product.


Jobs once said and I quote, "When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will ever see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back.” Jobs is no more but the company continues to make the best devices in the world, if not the biggest. Rather than applying technology poorly, it used the best to make its products world class. That's the power of technology if applied correctly.


Globally, the methods of imparting and receiving education have changed tremendously. Application of technology in education has not only made it more pervasive and far reaching but also transparent, comprehensive and inexpensive.


Technology infuses classrooms with digital learning tools for both teaching and learning. It gives the power to expand course offerings beyond campuses. It has truly helped in building the new skills required in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence. It has also facilitated better student engagement. While on one hand it has transformed teaching for the teachers on the other hand it has personalized learning for its recipients.


Yesterday after meeting Captain Felix Mohan, CEO, CISO Cybersecurity along with some of the sharpest brains working with him, I got to learn about yet another technology breakthrough in education - about to hit the market soon. This will take learning to an entirely new level. "When education has moved online, why can't the examination, invigilation, proctoring and performance analysis," said Capt. Mohan while showcasing the world's first and most secure, end-to-end test management system with live proctoring product called DigiProctor.


DigiProctor will offer anytime, anywhere, online tests with remote invigilation and proctoring. This will not only empower an institution to have a wider student base to cater to but also help in reducing the cost of conducting exams and assessments. With some of the unique, first-of-its-kind features like behavioural analytics and automated assessments, DigiProctor seems to stand out among its competitors.


Based on the premise of Create, Deliver, and Analyse, it brings together some of the most advanced security features built into any online learning platforms globally. The cutting edge security technologies used in DigiProctor deters impersonation and cheating. Unheard of so far, this product uses end-to-end AES-256 encryption and SSL/TLS 1.2 along with two-factor authentication (OTP and Google Authenticator) and finally system and browser lockdown.


If a student wants to take a test on DigiProctor platform, an institution can also specify a mandatory identity verification with the use of Adhaar, Institute ID, Driving License etc. or even a biometric authentication. While the student is taking a test or an assessment, there's a continuous video and audio monitoring performed by the proctors remotely. The system generates randomised questionnaire making it unique for each one of them.


"At the end of it, our goal is simple. We want to provide a scalable, comprehensive, safe and secure learning platform that can help institutional outreach and also help organisations skill their workforce faster," told Capt. Mohan.


The product shall be officially launched later this month. The mammoth efforts gone into creating it and make it future-ready are commendable. The command center, from where the remote proctoring will happen, will be up and running in approximately one month.


In my opinion, this platform will not only be beneficial for the large educational institutions to cater to their remote examination and learning needs but also for the corporates looking for trainings their staff, especially in the Cybersecurity space. The question bank created by CISO Cybersecurity team is only growing by every passing day. There are already 8500 questions added to it in various domains and sub domains. CIOs and CISOs can make use of this tool very effectively to not only train their technology and information security staffers but also create cybersecurity awareness among the employees across the company. For the professionals wanting to get trained on CISO Cybersecurity has tied up with IIIT-D, which will provide certifications.


Hosted entirely on a Public Cloud environment, the DigiProctor certainly indicates a dramatic shift in the future of education and examination. There's a lot more to come from CISO Cybersecurity, watch out the space.


 (Image Courtesy: Apple)

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