Back-Office Saas to Generate Huge Revenues for Indian Firms: Sirionlabs

While India lost its chance to generate huge revenues from front-office Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) in the Cloud, a golden opportunity lies for the domestic companies in back-office SaaS to gain an early foothold, a top executive from SirionLabs, a US-based leading provider of enterprise SaaS product, has emphasised.

Front-office SaaS has been there for almost 15 years. There are more than 2,000 companies in various categories of front-office SaaS. Collectively, front-office SaaS generates more than $15 billion in revenue every year.

"The action is now in back-office SaaS. CIOs have realized that migration to cloud is the only way to achieve 100 per cent digital transformation. India has missed the bus largely on the front-office SaaS. There's a good chance India rise up to the back-office SaaS," said Indus Khaitan, CMO at Sirionlabs.

Traditionally, the software products supporting these two "offices" were deployed "on-premise" which means that the software would run on hardware and infrastructure managed by the employees of the company.

Now when companies are migrating to Cloud, there is a renewed energy in building applications modelled for the Cloud, mimicking the business functions of the existing back-office products.

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