86 Percent of Organizations in Asia Pacific will Have Some Form of IoT in Place By 2019: Study

By 2019, 86 percent of organizations in Asia Pacific will have some form of IoT in place, revealed Aruba’s study titled ‘The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow’.

While organizations adopt IoT to leverage the business benefits of enhanced efficiency and innovation across the enterprise, industrial, healthcare, retail and municipality sectors globally, the study warns that connecting thousands of things to existing business networks will open up new security challenges. This may result into security breaches for a large majority of organizations in the region.

Most notably, security flaws were found across many IoT deployments. The study found that 88% of organizations in Asia Pacific have experienced at least one IoT-related security breach, the highest in the world. More than half of respondents declared that external attacks are a key barrier to embracing and adopting an IoT strategy. This confirms that a holistic IoT security strategy, built on a strong network access control and policy management, will not only protect enterprises but also simplify the security approach for IT.

“The ‘Internet of Things’ means sensors connected to the Internet and behaving in an Internet-like way by making open, ad hoc connections, sharing data freely and allowing unexpected applications, so computers can understand the world around them and become humanity’s nervous system.”

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