The Changing Face of Business - and the Part Artificial Intelligence Has to Play

Not many new technologies are able to catch and sustain interest from business consistently over years, the way Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been able to do. What really matters to businesses at the end of the day is the real world applications and use cases coming out of the technology. And, that is where AI has been making due progress. 

Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer, Accenture draws a lucid picture of AI and its potential impact on enterprises, governments and economies in an article titled ‘The changing face of business - and the part artificial intelligence has to play’ on the World Economic Forum site.

Here’s presenting the text of Paul’s write-up for you:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the single most disruptive technology the world has seen since the Industrial Revolution. Granted, there is a lot of hype out there on AI, along with doomsday headlines and scary movies. But the reality is that it will positively and materially change how we engage with the world around us. It’s going to improve not only how business is done, but the kind of work we do – and unleash new levels of creativity and ingenuity.

In fact, research from Accenture estimates that artificial intelligence could double annual economic growth rates of many developed countries by 2035, transforming work and fostering a new relationship between humans and machines. The report projects that AI technologies in business will boost labor productivity by up to 40 percent. Rather than undermining people, we believe AI will reinforce their role in driving business growth. As AI matures, it will potentially serve as a powerful antidote for the stagnant productivity and shortages in skilled labor of recent decades.

While it is early days, we are already seeing AI’s impact. Combined with cloud, sophisticated analytics and other technologies, it is starting to change how work is done by both people and computers. It’s also changing how organizations interact with consumers, sometimes in startling ways.


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