Pega Introduces AI Capabilities in Pega Sales Automation to Drives Sales Cycles

 Pegasystems has announced enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in Pega Sales Automation that enable businesses to accelerate sales cycles and win more deals. Pega makes sales organizations more efficient and effective with an advanced AI engine that more accurately forecasts sales win probability and suggests the next-best actions and content that will boost those odds at every stage of the deal.

Most sales automation and partner relationship management software act as glorified reporting tools rather than solutions that actually help salespeople, managers, and agents be more efficient and effective at driving sales. This makes common sales tools more of a hindrance than a help, resulting in poor adoption rates and missed opportunities.

“For years, sales organizations have struggled with ineffective tools that salespeople love to hate and don’t live up to the promise of helping drive more sales faster,” said Jeff Nicholson, VP- Product Marketing, CRM, Pegasystems. “The infusion of more AI capabilities within our proven Pega Sales Automation software gives sales organizations deep insight and tangible actions to move leads from prospects to customers.”

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