Soon to Retire Microsoft India Chairman Pramanik Wants to Help Companies Navigate Disruptions

 Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik, who is retiring this month, plans to split his time between his family and friends, working on social impact causes and mentoring startups and companies.

Pramanik, an IT veteran of 45 years who has seen a wave of technology changes, said the only constant is change. "When I was young, people were still using punch cards to operate computers. I've seen the mainframes, the mini-computer and the personal computer. Now it's the mobile phone. And I don't think the phone is going to last forever. That's why in Microsoft we talk about the mobility of the experience, not the device," Pramanik said. Dealing with this change will remain one of the biggest challenges for people just entering the technology industry, he said.

"When I talk to customers about investments in technology, the terms have to be in RoI (return on investment). If you think you can make an investment and depreciate it over 10 years, that won't happen. In technology, it is five years and that is becoming shorter," he said. "It makes sense to start moving to pay-per-use."


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