India Glycols Deploying IoT for improved Productivity, Safety and Maintenance

India Glycols, one of the leading petrochemical companies, is deploying IoT for improved efficiencies in the three key areas of productivity, maintenance and safety. As part of the solution the Process Control System will be interfaced with the central IT system. While presently the solution is being deployed in one of the manufacturing plants for assessment, it will be later extended to the remaining three plants as well.

According to Atul Govil, Chief Transformation Officer, India Glycols, the plant machinery is already embedded with sensors and all that needs to be done is interface it with the IT systems.

On a near real-time basis, the sensors will be capturing and rendering necessary information around various parameters for maintaining the functionality of the plant. These include parameters like temperature, humidity, vibration patterns, proportion of input items, pressure profile, output, etc.

This information will be relayed back to the central IT system to do a deep dive and detailed analysis. The trend analysis and evaluation will help derive intelligent insights that can be applied to improve productivity, do predictive maintenance and increase plant safety.

According to Govil, safety has been identified as one of the most important applications of IoT. “There are risks involved of accidents due to leakage of hazardous gas or spill over of any harmful chemicals, which can even lead to loss of life. Being able to track various parameters like input and output will help us in avoiding any mishaps,” he explains.

Similarly, being able to track the health of the different plant machinery and process control systems will help prevent any unplanned breakdown leading to the production coming to a halt. With IoT the company will be able to plan and schedule maintenance without causing any undue disruption.

The company is currently working with an Operations Technology (OT) company for interfacing the process control systems and plant machinery with the central IT system.

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