Can Your Boss Answer This Question about You?

If you want to increase the upwards momentum of your career, make sure your boss knows this answer to this question about you:


What do you want?


Do you want to run a business of your own? Do you want to sell more than anyone else? Do you want to move from Customer Service to Product Development?


I'm not talking about knowing a few of your objectives for the year. I'm talking about your number one work-related goal, the one you dream about at night.


You may argue it's not your manager's job to know or care about your goal, that instead, it is your obligation to simply do whatever he or she asks.


Oops! Such an attitude is a recipe for having a boring, poorly compensated career.


A far better strategy is to openly share what you want but to do so in the context of helping your boss get what he or she wants, too.


For example, if you want to sell more than anyone else, you can enlist your boss in this goal by rewarding every supportive move on their part with results on your part.


You might also argue that your boss is a jerk and that The Jerk doesn't care what you want.


This is a valuable insight, for it means that as quickly as possible you need to start working for someone else. Seriously.


There's a side benefit to making 100% certain your boss knows what you want: it forces you to decide what you want.


Don't laugh... day after day, professionals confess to me that they haven't taken the time to figure out what they want from their career, right here and right now.


This is why so many people go year after year in the same so-so job, getting so-so raises and never getting the big, exciting jobs.


1. Figure out what you want

2. Tell your boss

3. Reward your boss for caring

(This blog was first published on LinkedIn. It has been re-posted here with prior permission from Bruce Kasanoff.)

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