We want to become the Intel of the Fintech space: Indus Valley Partners

Bijesh Amin, Co-Founder, Indus Valley Partners in conversation with dynamicCIO gives insights into technology adoption in the Alternative Asset Management sector.

1. Can you explain what comprises of the Alternative Asset Management industry?

Alternative Asset Management (AAM) industry comprises of financial institutions like Hedge Fund, Private Equity, Real Estate Managers and Commodity Trade Advisors. They typically have no restrictions in terms of where to invest.

2. What is the technology adoption trend among Private Equity and Hedge Fund firms?

Initially, we had a lot of banks as our clients as we used to deal with corporate partners. They were really not the early adopters but very slow adopters. Fast-forwarding to 2-3 years, as franchise moves, our business moved to Hedge Fund firms. There were no corporate partners that we dealt with here. We just built relations with the CTO, CFO and took it forward.

3. Was it easy to sell to them?

It is easy to sell if you have the credibility in the market, and Indus Valley Partners had the credibility and more than a decade of experience in the fintech space. The lifecycle of the operation that took months in case of dealing with banks turned into days with Hedge Funds firms. They were the early adopters of technology as most of the companies in their investment portfolio were technology companies.

4. What technology support do you provide?

We don’t support. Rather, we build the technology. We support the post trade functions. We relate it to understanding how much money an investment would make. We make them understand the analytics to make sure there are no operational risks.

Initially, we were not building anything. We were only consulting on what the clients would need. Then we moved to building the technology solutions. And now, we are in a position that we have widgets on every platform, phone, tablet, etc. So we are at a stage where we are making this transition from customization to mass production. This transformation is a bit difficult, since the customers are very aggressive and it is very difficult for us to be able to manage that at the the speed they demand. But, we are at it.

5. How has automation impacted this industry?

Traditionally, it was all on excel, it was all semi manual and highly labour intensive. We offered them the technology that could make them save a lot of time and other complexities. Now they want a proper platform, infrastructure, and they want it increasingly frictionless.

6. How are you positioning yourself in the market to effectively capture it?

We want to be what ‘Intel’ is for the industry and want to be an integral part of the ecosystem. We want to be the messaging hub that all banks and government institutions go through. We want to become the centre of the ecosystem for our Hedge Fund and Private Equity clients.

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