It Is Time to Dream Bigger (Literally)

From time to time, a friend of mine tells me about his dreams. They typically go something like this...


I was relaxing on the beach in Thailand, with my new band, Bamboo. A waiter approached with my lobster salad and said the Prime Minister of Great Britain was on the phone. But I felt a hit song seeping into my brain, so I instructed that he should call me back in about 45 minutes.


In contrast, my typical dream goes like this: a few of us are sitting at a table, nothing much happens, and then the dream ends.


Why are my dreams so boring?


This is not a rhetorical question. I'd really like to know.


From time to time in this space, I ask readers, "What do you want?"


Many answer something along the lines of:


·      "An SUV with three rows"

·      "For my boss to shut up occasionally"

·      "That's a good question"


I understand why you might not want to admit on LinkedIn that you secretly want to be a Broadway choreographer instead of Assistant Vice President of the Loan Department at the Acme National Bank. But - just between you and I - are your dreams more like mine or my friend's?


Bear in mind that my understanding of dreams is limited to:


a. Something I saw on TV once


b. Something I saw in a movie once


c. Something a friend told me in a bar


d. Whatever you write in the comments below


e. These are all true. This is a list, not a multiple choice test


That said, I wonder if the reason we don't have more exciting lives is because we dream too small? Perhaps if you dreamed about the Prime Minister calling you, he would actually call you?


Woody Allen once said he didn't believe in the afterlife, but just in case he was planning on bringing some extra underwear.


What's the downside of more ambitious and outrageous dreams? So far as I can tell, it would simply mean that every night you get to have a wild adventure before you wake up and discover that they just added another layer of management above you and that it's some guy named Herb who has never actually worked in your industry before. Or worked, for that matter.


Before you aim higher in the real world, aim higher in your dreams.

(This blog was first published on LinkedIn. It has been re-posted here with prior permission from Bruce Kasanoff.)

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