Ahoy.Ai Gives Boost to Workforce Productivity

Last year Dell & Intel commissioned a research titled: "Future Workforce Study Global Report." To collect data from a variety of sources, Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) conducted 3801 online interviews across nine different markets. The report analyzes data from adults who work more than 35 hours a week and work in one of seven target industries namely Education, Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, and Retail. 

Among many other highlights, the report indicated that a majority of global employees plan to partake in the sharing economy in 2017 – as a consumer, seller, or both. 62% of those surveyed agreed that their job could be made easier with the assistance of artificial intelligence. 

The report said that 44% of employees worldwide feel that their workspace isn’t smart enough, while more than half (57%) expect to be working in a smart office within the next five years.
Today, workforce productivity is a great debate from the corporate boardrooms to CHRO's office. There is a huge responsibility that rides on the CIO and the IT leadership to enable the workforce to be future-ready. 

Just a few days ago Tech Crunch published about ahoy.ai - an Ohio-based start up that has developed an excellent tool to schedule meetings with just one email. Ahoy is set up by Jesse Rowe and Alex Ogorek with a small fund of US$ 14,000. 

Ahoy.ai is a robot or you can also call it a bot. It's all based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The technology is such that it just takes one email to schedule a meeting and the rest is done by the bot. The bot figures out which day is the meeting and then contacts the participants making it simple, easy, and productive. Currently, the product works with email but will soon have a Slack integration. 

The producers of this technology claim that besides scheduling internal meetings, Ahoy.ai can also be used for scheduling prospective clients and interviewees. 

Ahoy.ai supports the almost all popular calendar syncing options so that you can get on with your day as fast as possible. In a way, this reduces a huge amount of friction. The technology offers natural language support too. For example, if you want to meet over lunch, simply mention lunch in the email and Ahoy.ai will detect the relevant time range, not just anytime. 

Isn't it a cool product? Jesse Rowe and Alex Ogorek are now planning to raise more funds to scale up the business.   

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