Digital Disruptors Giving Traditional Enterprises a Run for Their Money

Digital disruptors like Uber, Ola, and Airbnb seem to have caught the imagination not only of the masses but also of top executives as these born-in-the-cloud enterprises have radically transformed business models. Top Dell EMC executives including David Webster, President, Dell EMC, Asia Pacific and Japan, must have referred to the phenomenal digital transformation at least 4 to 5 times at the annual Dell EMC 2017 Forum during his keynote.


The phenomenon is indicative of the fact that digital disruption has taken the business world by storm, impacting industries across the genre, irrespective of geographies. 


There is not one industry, which is left untouched; such is the impact of digital disruption. Understandably, an uncertain atmosphere looms large over the business world and traditional businesses are feeling threatened. 


According to a survey cited during the Dell EMC 2017 Forum, 78 percent enterprises in the US feel threatened by digital transformation and 52 percent of them see a decline in business. Around 48 percent are clueless about the future. Moreover, the present generation of innovators has developed the capability to change and adapt rapidly, making things even more difficult for conventional enterprises. No wonder, experts agreed on the need for enterprises to “Realize” their potential and embark on a path of digital transformation so that they don’t get left behind. 


The thoughts are pertinent, coming as they do on the first anniversary the Dell EMC merger, which resulted in the formation of the world’s largest technology infrastructure company. The move has been hailed by industry experts as an astute step in the response to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world.

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