What would Technology Look Like in 2030? A Peep into the Future

I was transported to a world of fantasy as I swirled around in my virtual car. My pulse raced, as I was immersed in the make belief. It was surreal. I could immediately understand why modern technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are gaining popularity and acceptance. I also understood why the millennials are gravitating towards these technologies of the digital age. The booth based on “Future of Technology 2030” at the recently held Dell EMC 2017 India Forum was a major attraction. 


What was heartening to behold was that such immersive technologies are finding application in the real world, across industries, with use cases in as diverse and socially important sectors as education and training. It was unbelievable how classrooms of the future would look like as I flicked from one virtual teaching module to another. 


Besides AR/VR, several other transformative technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things, and DevOps were showcased. These are truly exciting times. CIOs at the event were riveted as they patiently waited in queues to get a peep into the future. Awestruck at the steady stream of innovations in this area, they appreciated how the company was developing its product portfolio around this theme. 


The emphasis on futuristic technology clearly points out that Dell EMC wants to remain at the forefront of digital transformation and help the users with the best in the future. The tech major understands the importance of these disruptive technologies and is making efforts to harness the potential and marrying it to a range of use cases: from a hospital bed to a dairy farm to the modern ware of aircraft turbines.

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