Women Must Articulate Their Contribution to Their Organizations

According to a study, the 10 best companies of the world are also the ones with a diversified workforce. Several studies show that the presence of more woman employees results in higher revenue. Gender diversity can trigger productivity and create a fertile ground for ideas. Still, in the USA, the annual female salary is just 78% of the male salary.


The situation is worse in India. According to a report which is just out, women make for only 34% of the total workforce in the IT industry. The gender ratio continues to get skewed at senior positions and for specialized engineering roles. This results in only 7% of women reaching the C-suite at Indian IT companies. Women are making valuable contribution through emotional intelligence and networking capabilities but Indian technology companies apparently don’t care about it. This points out to the presence of a stereotypical mindset which advocates for segregation of employment opportunities and discriminates on the basis of gender.


Putting to rest social biases that women cannot handle certain professions, a panel of six prominent women leaders of the industry took to the stage on Sept 8 during the Dell EMC India Forum 2017 to advocate for women empowerment. They deliberated on ways to combat the social ill and how to bring women at par with men in all areas of human activity. The overwhelming consensus was that women needed to believe in themselves and go all out to achieve their dreams.


The panel emphasized that women must articulate their contribution to their organizations rather than just hoping that their impact would be recognized. Metrics such as women’s economic participation and labor force opportunity, health and survival, educational attainment, and political empowerment need to be improved globally, and more so in India. And in all this, men have an equal responsibility to ensure a gender diverse workforce as they occupy positions of power. Mere legislation will not solve the problem. Real transformation can only come through a change in the mindset.

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