Manufacturing Betting Big on IoT

According to a McKinsey report, linking of the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion in economic value annually by 2025. This is equivalent to 11 percent of the global economy. That’s the kind of scope Internet of Things (IoT) technology carry. It is pushing digital transformation across industries such as the manufacturing, healthcare, etc. and catalyzing automation of processes and machines in a way that they can function almost with no human intervention. Doesn’t it sound incredible? With the explosion in sophisticated sensors and exponential expansion in 3G and 4G Internet services, the smart revolution has reached the factory floor. 


Smart machines are averting loss of life and limb by taking preventive action. Technology is creating smart factories where requirements get fulfilled automatically. The industrial world is moving towards smart manufacturing, for which the mantra is connected machines.


Speaking about digital transformation staring at the manufacturing sector at the Dell EMC India Forum 2017, Jayantha Prabhu, CIO, Essar Group, pointed out how Indian corporates are implementing the technology for productivity gains. Citing examples from his own organization, he elaborated how IoT is being used for operation management, core manufacturing, and predictive asset management and maintenance.


Giving a real-world use case from the steel-manufacturing vertical of Essar, he explained how the technology is being used for its Baladilla–Vizag pipeline, which transports liquefied iron ore. The entire maintenance of the 250-km pipeline, which he claimed is the world’s second longest, is being carried out autonomously.


No doubt, establishing an IoT ecosystem of connected machines is aiding improvement in efficiency and information sharing, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

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