Is Oracle Upping its Cloud Bet?

There was a news flashed late last month that Oracle will be hiring over five-thousand (5000) new engineers, consultants, sales and support people for its cloud business. From "What the hell is cloud computing" this Larry Ellison-led company seems to have declared a total war on AWS in its bid to win the battle. 

While we shall eagerly wait for this year's Ellison Keynote at OpenWorld, his last year's keynote clearly indicated his aim: "Amazon's lead is over. Amazon is going to have a serious competition going forward. We now have a tech advantage over Amazon in infrastructure service." 

This fresh infusion of talent shall surely boost Oracle's efforts in what is already the world’s fastest growing multi-billion dollar cloud business. 

“Central to Oracle’s success is our empowered, inspired and engaged workforce,” said Joyce Westerdahl, Oracle Executive Vice President, Human Resources. “We’re hiring experienced sales and engineering professionals eager to contribute to Oracle’s cloud growth and champion our products. We are also recruiting high-performing recent college graduates and offering them a world-class training program to prepare them for a career in the technology industry.”

Interestingly, this announcement comes almost simultaneously with the announcement from Amazon to build a new Headquarter named HQ2. This HQ2 is also expected to employ 50,000 people and will get $5 billion in investment. Now how Jeff Bezos plans this investment and the manpower is yet to be revealed. However, its sure that a fair portion of it will be given to its cloud business. AWS was a classic case of market disruption at a time when the entire market and its dominant players were still betting high on the on-premise, hardware-based tech infra. 

Even today some naive competitors think that only startups use cloud. There was a time when everyone sung the chorus together that enterprises will never use cloud for their mission critical stuff. Competitors of AWS took 6-7 years to realize that cloud has become a rage - not only among the developers but also among the LOBs. They are now in a catch up game - for almost everyone.

Let's see how Oracle safeguards its bets on Cloud with this fresh induction of talent!   

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