End-to-End Transformation Key for the Success of Digital

It is not often that one gets to see such a large number of India’s most influential technology practitioners and experts from the industry, converging at one place. It is, therefore, with great eagerness that I look forward to the Dell EMC Forum every year. And, this year is all the more special considering we’ve successfully concluded the first anniversary post the merger of the two technology giants.


We have made enormous strides in this past one year in serving the needs of our customers across industries and invested aggressively in most innovative technologies to help customers reach their peak potential in the digital roadmaps.


The combined strength of Dell EMC offers a single window for all of business’ requirements across edge, core and cloud. That is one of our biggest strengths and makes us well poised to help enterprises meet their digital transformation vision. But, what’s even more important is that we are relevant to the needs of our customers not only for today and tomorrow, but also for the next 10-15 years to come.


As a country we are going through some very exciting times with so much happening around us. Demonetization is behind us and GST issues are more or less getting stabilized. I’m sure over the next 6-9 months we’ll see a lot more stability in the economy.


The Indian society is actually adopting digital in a big way. We see that happening in both consumer and business sides. The trinity of Aadhaar, Mobility and Jandhan has accelerated the pace of digital adoption in India. A lot of that has to do with the fact that almost 88.6% of the total population has enrolled for Aadhaar. The Digital India is the pillar supporting this movement and providing the required support for the adoption of digital technologies.


As the Digital India dream is realized there will be a billion customers joining and driving a whole lot of transformation in technology, in the social sectors and also in the economy. That’s what is getting us excited. Coupled with this is the fact that digital transformation is no more a futuristic trend or something that we see happening a couple of years from now.


Many businesses are already using digital transformation as a strategic asset. They are leveraging digital technologies to be ahead of their competition. My advice to them would be to not limit their digital transformation to IT infrastructure transformation alone. It should start with business model transformation, supported by IT. It also needs a change in workforce as people are trained to handle the new kind of processes. Businesses should look at transformation as end-to-end and not just partially.


As digital disruption ushers in the much needed change, organizations should not be apprehensive about it. They should rather look at this change as an opportunity to take a big leap into the future.

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