How Garena AoV Became Such a Popular Mobile Game in Indonesia?

Backed by Tencent’s vast traffic coverage, King of Glory has witnessed a great triumph in China. Now let’s have a look at how Garena AoV — Indonesia version of King of Glory, gets massive popularity among players in Indonesian mobile games market.

Garena is an experienced and time-honored game publisher in the field. It has ever created several successful cases, for example League of Legends, and it has become the designated publisher of AoV in Southeast Asia market.

AoV is very popular in many Asia markets, with target players in similar age. No exception to other AoV battle fields in SEA, the targeted players in Indonesian market are mostly male gamers from 13 to 35 years old, most among them are hardcore ones.

At the beginning stage of the game promotion in Indonesia, the performance of game install was not satisfying, and the publisher Garena was not clear about the reason. Thus, the prioritized objective for VoA’s mobile marketing was to expand the popularity in a short time by optimizing the promotion strategy, and stimulate game download in larger scale.


1.       Memes go viral

With Garena's experience in Southeast Asia’s mobile games market, UC Ads and Garena jointly work on promotion strategy.

UC Ads mobilized We Media resources from the platform, and invited five well-known local Indonesian comic we-media to be involved in the promotion campaign. The 5 Comic contributors and UC Ads team jointly produced creative AoV related memes. The Memes were about light jokes, and they were posted on UC News animation channel, as well as contributors’ social media. Speaking in players tone, players love the memes! Target players were attracted to comment, repost and finally download the game. They totally became fans of the game!

During the campaign, AoV rushed into top 5 of the Google Play action game in Indonesia.


2. Seize The Right Time For Promotion

Data report shows that players spend more time on entertainment and games on short holidays and weekends, during which time game downloading and conversion rates of game promotion campaign witness significantly increase. To seize the right time, UC Ads offered VoA more promotion resources and optimizeed the launch strategy to maximize exposure and improve conversion rate on weekends.

From Friday to Sunday, we launched interstitial on UC News, and homepage banner on UC Browser, so as to make the best of weekend traffic, and also maximize the promotion efficiency of VoA. A round of three days campaign for VoA brings tens of millions of exposure.


3. Diverse creative materials for different scenarios

The VoA ads were displayed on charging lock screen, native feeds, content page, etc., so as to get full connect with target players in their daily reading, browsing, entertaining scenarios. To maximize the campaign performance, UC Ads helped optimizing ad materials according to diverse placements and user's reading habits.

At the same time, we have been working together with the Garena to create materials, and run app install campaigns using the creative we jointly created.

UC Ads App Matrix contains UC Browser, UC News, and 9apps with its users covering a half of the India and Indonesian population. We were committed to making use of the advantage of traffic coverage to cooperate with customers, deeply study the products content, and help them achieve high quality conversion by getting high quality users.


All Star Program is a new marketing method exploiting We Media resources by UC Ads. By leveraging celebrities influence to attract users’ attention, we aim at achieving high traffic efficiency. Uceleb Program, done by UC Ads and Lazada, could be another significant case to share.


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