Randi Zuckerberg and Her Augmented Views on Our Digital Life

Every time someone says Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, my ears seem to prick up. So when I saw the headline to an article “Emergence of Virtual and Augmented Reality to exceed all technological expectations, says Randi Zuckerberg,” something similar happened. The reason being: it was around 20 years back, near the start of my journalistic career, that I first came across a cover story on Virtual Reality and how it would completely change our lives in the next decade or so.


As you can see, two decades have passed since and already, virtual reality has had many a “second life”! But this time, my intrigue and, I must admit, ignorance also came to the fore. So far I had heard of only one Zuckerberg (no prizes for guessing which one)but here, in that headline, was another one: Randi Zuckerberg.


So I explored further and felt pleased to meet her through that  article. Here I reproduce parts of what she says for the benefit of my CIO friends (who may or may not know Randi or her writing):


“No matter how much people think they know what is coming, these revolutionary technologies [virtual and augmented reality] are likely to exceed all expectations with applications canvassing social media, entertainment, business and much more.”


Among the digital trends she highlights: the rise of entre-ployee (a portmanteau word formed by combining entrepreneur and employee); the maker movement, signified by 3D printing; re-invention of retail; gamification for motivation; and last but not the least, connections as currency.


Sample some more direct quotes, for I did find the article to be highly readable and prescient:


“Within the next 12 months, we're likely to be printing functional body parts, providing endless possibilities in the healthcare industry.”

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