Accenture has announced its acquisition of Kogentix a big data and AI services and solutions company. The acquisition will help strengthen Accenture Applied Intelligence’s growing data engineering business, as companies are increasingly looking to harness open source big data and advanced analytics technologies to identify revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities across the enterprise.

Kognetix offers a range of assets to move long-standing applications to technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Python, which can analyse larger volumes of data with more speed and processing efficiency. Transitioning legacy analytics applications to these technologies will allow companies to reduce licensing costs and recruit from a wider pool of data talent as the new and growing generation of data scientists and engineers is trained on these platforms.

Narendra Mulani, chief analytics officer, Accenture Applied Intelligence, said, “Open source big data platforms and artificial intelligence are offering companies more opportunities than ever to become data-driven, intelligent enterprises. But marrying these new technologies with their old analytics world is becoming a key challenge for them. With Kogentix’s assets and highly skilled team of big data and AI professionals, we are even better positioned to help clients realize the value of open source analytics platforms and embed new intelligence at the core of their businesses.”

Boyd Davis, CEO and co-founder of Kogentix, said, “We founded Kogentix because we knew that big data and machine learning would play a critical role in transforming enterprises. The opportunity to leverage data for better business outcomes has never been this exciting. Becoming part of Accenture Applied Intelligence will allow us to seize a greater share of this market. We’re excited by the scale and scope of projects that will open up to us, as well as the long-term career and growth opportunities for our team.”

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