Atos has launched the Atos Codex AI Suite, a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) software suite to support businesses and research institutes in the development, deployment and management of AI applications. It will provide data scientists with an easy-to-use application which is efficient and cost-effective solution to rapidly build and deploy AI applications, better extract value from data and develop new business opportunities.

Leveraging machine learning and deep-learning capabilities, Atos Codex AI Suite fosters a new generation of AI applications, which are able to sense, reason, act and adapt, to address a range of scientific, industry and enterprise challenges in areas such as personal medicine, homeland security, smart cities and intelligent and autonomous data centers.

Using Atos Codex AI Suite, apps can be deployed and relocated on multiple complementary environments, including:

Cloud: On a wide variety of public Clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

On-premises: On any server infrastructure, including on Atos’ BullSequana S server, its BullSequana X exascale-ready supercomputer

Edge computing: On Atos’ future edge computing box, one of the first of its kind worldwide, which will enable businesses to extract and process valuable insight from data in real-time, close to the data source, to transform it into knowledge to support instantaneous decision-making while reducing costs.

“This software suite is a new step forward to support our customers in their own digital transformation. Atos Codex AI Suite tackles new enterprise, scientific and industry challenges, such as precision medicine, advanced prescriptive maintenance and prescriptive security, with a new generation of cognitive applications, capable to address complex functions. It paves the way to new application domains and helps our customers to increase their business opportunities,” says Arnaud Bertrand, SVP, Strategy and Innovation BDS at Atos.

The key features and benefits of Atos Codex AI Suite include:

Accelerating time-to-market: Using Atos Codex AI Suite’s secure, shared environment data scientists are able to use even the most complex applications by using qualified components, applications and trained models to improve quality and rapidly develop applications.

Delivering affordable performance: Atos Codex AI Suite delivers optimal performance at the lowest cost, as only the most relevant resources are allocated. Cloud resources are used whenever possible and high-performance resources only when necessary.

Enabling High-Performance Computing (HPC) and AI convergence: HPC businesses can harness the benefits of AI, overcoming the limits of traditional simulations, to develop new applications in sectors such as precision medicine, prescriptive security and person recognition.

Runs on multiple environments: Cloud or on-premises to ensure fast allocation of resources and applications at any time.

Atos Codex AI Suite can be purchased as a standalone software platform or together with a server infrastructure.

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