Cardinal Health, the healthcare distribution company with a footprint in 30+ countries announced the launch of a new global capability center (GCC) in Bengaluru, India – Cardinal Health International India (CHII).

The new center is positioned as a global hub for IT, augmented intelligence, product software engineering and business process management, building upon internal capabilities to support Cardinal Health’s growth through technology enablement.

CHII marks a large investment by Cardinal Health to create a service and technology network that will enable scale across the enterprise. The CHII team in India will focus on bringing Cardinal Health’s mission and vision to life by being a hub of technology talent.

CHII is building upon the acquisition of mscripts, now part of Fuse, the innovation engine and product development center at Cardinal Health that harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology, human-centered design and clinical expertise to solve complex problems for patients, pharmacists, payers and manufacturers.

The Fuse team at CHII is leveraging existing commercial technologies to spark the creation of new healthcare delivery models through user-focused solutions, product and process innovation, improved customer experiences and better patient outcomes.

“The launch of Cardinal Health International India demonstrates our commitment to India as a strategic hub to build tech capabilities for Cardinal Health worldwide. By challenging the status quo and making shifts in the way we do business, we will help our customers adapt and lead the healthcare industry through change,” said Jerome Revish, Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation Office, Cardinal Health.

Talking about the new center, Shane Abeyratne, Senior VP Global Business Services, Cardinal Health stated, “CHII will play a meaningful role in Cardinal Health’s work to continue transforming digital healthcare. Construction of this ultra-modern in-house center in Bengaluru demonstrates our commitment to developing the next generation of local leaders and will help secure our position as an innovative global company.”

Nagaraj Bhat, Vice President and Managing Director, Cardinal Health International India said, “With this announcement, Cardinal Health International India strengthens its commitment to driving synergies between the core customer service work, and emerging technology skill development to provide a superior customer experience in a post pandemic era. We welcome the technology talent to join us and help create a sustainable competitive advantage and a technology network that will enable scale across the enterprise.”

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