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Data Security & Digitization are the Top Priorities In New Normal: Ravi Sharma, Head IT, Wanbury

The new normal has brought both disruptive and need for agile. The sign of a time of intense difficulty arrived almost unannounced. VUCA is here to stay! Organisations, which absorb this reality faster and leverage their technology and innovation mindset, will survive and grow. Questions remain, new challenges surface.

As CIOs attempt to reimagine the future of business and pave their way to the boardroom, it is crucial to envisage their larger leadership role. One cannot shy away from the fact that CIOs, in the past 18 months, have helped enterprises adapt to the big reset. While most organizations are paving their path for a rebound, it is imperative to also understand the agenda of the CIOs for 2022.

Smruti Gandhi, Director – Community Engagement & Executive Editor, DynamicCIO spoke to Ravi Kumar, Head IT , Wanbury on what will be his top priorities as a CIO for 2022.

The short discussion squarely revolved around priorities and challenges for 2022. Ravi was very clear on the agenda 2022 as he touched upon:

1. Data Security
2. Importance of upgradation
3. Cloud as a building block for the future

Listen in to the first interview in the series titled “Top Priorities of a CIO for 2022” and share with us your priorities as a CXO.

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