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Designing the Roadmap for ‘Right’ Cloud Strategy: Amit Luthra, Director, Dell Technologies

The COVID-19 crisis has taken a toll on businesses and their IT environments as they grapple with adjusting to the new normal. Ensuring business continuity for both now and moving forward will determine how fast and how well we’ll overcome the challenges staring at us and recover from this crisis.

Moving to a cloud IT infra is one of the ways to overcome the challenges. In the current scenario, when organizations are increasingly adopting multiple-cloud strategies for their remote working requirements, they are facing challenges ranging from unpredictable costs to security vulnerabilities. To stay relevant and competitive in this era, organizations are overcoming multi-cloud complexities and finding success.

In this video, Muqbil Ahmar, Executive Editor, dynamiccio is in conversation with Amit Luthra, Director & GM – Data Center Solutions, Dell Technologies India. Amit and Muqbil discuss a number of aspects including:

  • Preparing the digital blueprint for hybrid environment of the future
  • Challenges in cloud adoption
  • Designing the roadmap for the ‘right’ cloud strategy
  • Data security in the cloud
  • Cloud adoption during pandemic times
  • Focus of dell technologies multi-cloud strategy for india
  • Dell technologies’ data-first approach
  • Best hybrid cloud technology provider in 2020
  • Evolving technology landscape

Do tune in to the video and let us know your thoughts.

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