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Growth and Trends in Automation Technologies during Pandemic: Exclusive UiPath Partner Roundtable

Today, for most organizations, it is a battle for survival. They need to maintain business continuity and productivity. An automated process can not only help enterprises drive agility and economic value but also provide seamless working and high levels of interoperability.

Emerging technologies like automation and RPA can bring a tremendous amount of value for organizations in terms of cutting down processes and doing away with a lot of work that is repetitive in nature and arduous for humans. Thus, there is tremendous potential for bringing in automation, particularly in today’s technology landscape which is highly complex and akin to a labyrinth.

In this video, Suresh de Silva, CEO, EGUARDIAN, a leading distributor of cutting-edge technology in Sri Lanka; Murli Mohan, Vice President – India Business, UiPath are in conversation with Muqbil Ahmar, Executive Editor, dynamiccio. They discuss how you can power your organization with automation and how it is transforming industries, particularly in the context of the island nation Sri Lanka. Tune in for extremely interesting and eye-opening insights. Key discussions pointers include:

  • Spike in demand in automation technologies during the pandemic
  • Key changes and trends in customer demand in the past few months
  • Changes in customers expectations during the lockdown
  • Key trends in emerging technologies such as automation, cloud, etc. in Sri Lanka

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