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How We Work and Live Will Be Permanently Altered: Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS

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These are truly unprecedented times. The entire world has come to a standstill. Businesses have been shut and populations locked down. The biggest raging debate today is has the world as we know it been changed for ever or would life go back to normal once the restrictions are lifted?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Jassy surely thinks that the former will happen. Speaking during a fireside chat at the AWS 2020 Summit from his living room, he said after the pandemic subsides, how we work and live will be permanently altered.

“Single biggest change I think will permeate both my work and personal life is what I’ve learned with video conferencing through the crisis.” Jassy said that after the pandemic subsides, how we work and live will be permanently altered.

He further said that the reliance so many have developed on that technology over the last two months will likely impact how work gets done, and where people get hired from, long past the crisis. In fact, AWS has seen a dramatic surge in the adoption of its platform and has come as a saviour to people across the world.

Jassy said that Amazon’s retail e-commerce business has become essential to people around the world looking to purchase everyday supplies during the COVID-19 crisis and it has made a big difference to people’s lives. He pointed out that AWS was trying to help businesses as much as possible since enterprises can’t operate in the usual way.

The world’s largest public cloud provider is “trying to help people and organizations function” through the pandemic by enabling them to maintain operations and shift employees to working away from the office, Jassy said in the chat with Matt Garman, AWS vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. “A lot of the things that allow us to deal with the crisis run on top of AWS,” Jassy said from his living room.

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