According to studies, the DevOps market generated US$2.9 billion in 2017 and the market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2022. DevOps has become a key focus and has shaped the world of software. Experts predict that DevOps is going to be the mainstream and is going to reach its peak in 2020.  DynamicCIO spoke to Kavita Viswanath, General Manager, JFrog in India about the company’s key product innovations and how it helps organisations in furthering their DevOps/SecOps initiatives to enable customer experience.

Below are the excerpts of the conversation:

DynamicCIO: I read a fascinating and intriguing statement on JFrog’s Website which reads: “JFrog makes liquid software that flows continuously and automatically from build all the way through to production”. What is JFrog? It’s been in works for over a decade now, what has been the journey so far? 

Kavita Viswanath (KV): JFrog is a Universal, end to end DevOps platform for continuous software releases. Our products provide a universal package repository, SecOps, CI/CD and software distribution – all in a single platform. It started 10 years ago with a binary/artifact management tool that revolutionised the software industry. Software versions just became a number with JFrog Artifactory and there was more focus on providing continuous and seamless updates (liquid software) in the background with no impact on customer experience. Over the past decade, we have moved from a single product to a platform offering solutions for automating your entire development cycle from code to delivery.

DCIO: From the days of fragmented development of software/apps, today companies are working to create a harmony between all stakeholders in the software development lifecycle. As a result of this, the DevOps market is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2022. It has become a key focus and has shaped the world of software and many experts predict that DevOps is going to be the mainstream and is going to reach its peak in 2020. What are your views? 

KV: As the market leader in this space, with close to 70% of Fortune 100 companies as our customers, we believe that DevOps has definitely gone mainstream. With more and more companies adopting it, it’s no more a choice but a necessity if you want to provide continuous updates and keep your customers engaged by releasing new features at the right time to be ahead of the competition.

DCIO: How do you evaluate the benefits of DevOps and where does JFrog play a role in the adoption of it? 

KV: DevOps benefits are not only limited to automating software delivery but also extends all the way to the customer experience you are looking to provide. Imagine you are a Tesla customer, would you rather wait for an hour or two while your car is updating its software version? Or picture this, you are watching Netflix and your favourite episode is stalled due to a software update? Today, all these things happen seamlessly in the background, with no impact to customer experience. This is the role of DevOps and Jfrog is front ending this enablement.

DCIO: With the emergence of microservices and CI/CD toolchains, there has been an emphasis on developing and leveraging many different tools to tackle small tasks spread across similar parallel workflows. How does DevOps help in achieving this goal? 

KV: With microservices and containerization, there is no doubt that software is becoming more and more complex to design, develop and deploy. With multiple development teams working on products using different tools, it’s important that as a developer you have freedom of choice to pick the right tools and technology and at the same time as an organization, the delivery of the software is platform-independent. This is where DevOps comes into play. What customers are looking for today is a single product that can support almost all software packages and at the same time provide Security with SecOps by scanning for vulnerabilities and checking for compliance. JFrog does exactly this for all its customers through a single platform.

DCIO: In a nut-shell, what’s the product portfolio of JFrog? Highlight some of the breakthrough innovations that JFrog brings to the enterprises which are chasing the dream of digital transformation? 

As articulated above, the JFrog Unified Platform not just helps you manage your Artifacts, but provides you with an end to end platform with shared visibility, governance and control across pipelines with infinite scale in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment. This acts as an enabler in the digital transformation journey of any enterprise.

DCIO: The culture of DevOps has largely been non-existing among the traditional companies barring a few sectors like IT or new age platform, cloud-native companies. How will this change? Is the change visible? 

KV: This was perhaps true last year but this is changing fast. Today key customers adopting DevOps automation are Banks, Financial institutions, IT/ITES companies, automotive, ecommerce – wherever technology has a significant role to play.

DCIO: Can you tell me about the JFrog Artifactory and its benefits?     

KV: Artifactory is our first and most popular product in the market. All our sales globally is inbound and primarily led by Artifactory. The developer community loves this product since it is:

  • The DB of DevOps
  • Universal
  • For binaries AND Container Images
  • Scales to infinity
  • Smart caching improves performance and utilization
  • Multi-site replication
  • HA

 DCIO: How does JFrog work in India? Some of your marque customers and how is it shaping up?  

KV: India is an important R&D centre for JFrog and many of our core products such as Pipelines, Installers, Insight etc. are built out of our Bengaluru office. Apart from that India is also a critical support centre that provides end to end support for enterprise customers across APAC and EMEA. While we are scaling rapidly in R&D and Support, we are also working on building a strong sales and business development and alliance team in India. We don’t disclose customer names, however, you can say that the top e-commerce, cab aggregators, banks and IT/ITES companies in India are JFrog customers.


By Rahul Mani

With nearly 22 years of experience in Tech B2B media, Rahul comes with a distinct approach for nurturing the CIO & CISO communities. He has worked with CIOs & CISOs from across sections of industries and has an in-depth understanding of their unique information needs. Rahul is one of the rare media entrepreneurs with a distinct ability to balance between totally diverse functions of editorial and business. Rahul has held leadership roles at IDG India and 9.9 Media before starting Grey Head Media.

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