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With customer experience becoming the prime objective for most organizations’ digital transformation goals, lot of digital innovation focus is shifting on to the product front. The result is more and more consumer products are transitioning into digitally enabled smart products.

The latest in line are IoT enabled smart water purifiers soon to be launched by Kent RO for its commercial business segment, i.e. offices, commercial buildings, etc. According to Saurabh Gupta, CIO, Kent RO Systems, the primary driver behind the initiative is improving customer experience by helping prevent breakdowns and by enabling the company to develop more effective and relevant products that better meet customer demands by leveraging the IoT data.

The company, however, doesn’t have any plans for introducing the IoT enabled water purifiers in the home market segment for now as it feels that the home market is not yet ready for these products.

AI Enabled Chatbot gives Fillip to Customer Convenience and Support

Besides IoT, Kent RO is also banking on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to strengthen its customer experience strategy. The company introduced its customer facing AI enabled chatbot a few months back to enable a more seamless and 24/7 customer support.

The chatbot, which is available both on the company’s website and its customer app, can answer customer queries as well as register complains, demo and service requests. It can update the customers about the status of their complaint or an already registered service request. The chatbot is integrated with the call center and talks to the company’s central CRM system, enabling seamless customer support. For instance, if customers place a service request with the call center, next time if they log into the chatbot they will get the updates there.

According to Gupta, while the chatbot can answer most of the general queries, it is constantly learning and its skillsets getting upgraded through built-in AI. Presently, almost 95% of the queries are usually addressed by the chatbot with human intervention required in 5% of the cases.

This has helped the company not only bring down manpower costs but also stay more responsive to its customers 24/7 as opposed to the standard call centre hours from 8am to 8pm. Now if there is any product breakdown even in the night, the customer can reach us and register a service request then itself instead of waiting till next day morning. Also, Gupta believes that most of the customers find it convenient to interact through chatbot as opposed to calling a customer care number.

Meanwhile, the company has also extended its chatbot initiative to its mobile sales app for providing IT support with respect to the app to the sales people.

By Shipra Malhotra

Shipra comes with over 15 years of experience in tracking enterprise technology market and the CIO space. She has the ability to produce very high-impact content in the enterprise technology space as well as on the dynamics shaping the CIO landscape. She has worked with brands like Express Computer, Data Quest and BizTech 2.0 before joining Grey Head Media.

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