In the previous blog, I talked about what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is and how its capabilities could be utilized for some not-so-common business problems. Undoubtedly, RPA, aka software robots, is gaining interest from top management to individual users. According to recent studies, the global RPA market size is expected to reach USD 13.74 billion by 2028.

Keeping the continued adoption and momentum in mind, we pulled together a list of 16 seasoned RPA developers and rockstars who have significantly contributed towards the automation and AI-driven transformation of their respective organizations and industries. These innovators are driving the next-generation of intelligent offerings across current business landscapes globally. 

DynamicCIO recognizes the most engaged, passionate, and exceptional RPA experts who share their knowledge and experience to support the RPA community.

Pascal Bornet

Pascal is recognized as a global expert and pioneer in the field of Intelligent Automation and Hyperautomation. With 20+ years of vast experience, he founded and led the “AI & Automation” practices at McKinsey and at Ernst & Young (EY). He is also the author of Amazon best-selling book “INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION: Learn how to harvest AI to boost business and make our world more human.” He is passionate about improving our world via the use of AI, automation, and analytics.

Some of his recent work include:

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Prakash Narayanan 

Prakash is the Head of Digital RPA & Automation CoE at Cyient. With a proven track record of 20+ years across multiple industries such as IT consulting, banking, pharmaceutical and government sectors, he has skillfully built and spearheaded top-performing teams and aligned technical resources with the objectives

He has delivered more than 700 bots and saved $10M in total. His core competencies include but are not limited to RPA & Workflow, Cognitive Automation using AI & ML, Business Analysis, Automation Governance model, and team leadership and management.

He has been involved with a number of technologies such as RPA & AI-ML delivery using Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Uipath, and Microsoft Power platform, etc.

Prakash has also been a regular speaker at multiple RPA communities and Forums.

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Nandan Mullakara

Nandan has been at the forefront of RPA technology. With multiple years of experience and a solid track record, he previously led a team as Head of Robotic Process Automation at a leading Japanese information and communication technology company, Fujitsu, where he helped enable the Fujitsu Digital Workforce offering.

Prior to his role at Fujitsu, he spent a couple of decades leading and advising clients across a wide spectrum of technologies.

Currently, he is a consultant and a co-author of a book titled Robotic Process Automation Projects” that helps get started on real-world projects.

His core competencies include but are not limited to RPA strategy and solutions, Process Discovery, Artificial intelligence (AI), Program Management and Global Delivery.

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Arun Kumar Asokan

Arun is a seasoned automation leader with expertise in building automation CoE with RPA, BPM, OCR and ML components and working directly with business stakeholders to improve the efficiency of business processes.

With 15+ years of experience in RPA and related technologies, he is currently working as the Director of Software Development (RPA) at Freedom Mortgage where he manages the RPA team of more than 140 resources including 128 digital resources. 

He holds multiple certifications including UiPath Developer and Automation Anywhere Advanced RPA Professional and is a co-author of a book titled Robotic Process Automation Projects” that helps get started on real-world projects.

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Allan Zimmermann

Allan is a leader and futurist in RPA and Intelligent Automation space. He is also the founder of a free, open source RPA technology called OpenRPA that lets you automate virtually any task and process in minutes.

He currently helps organizations develop agile, secure and business-critical IT solutions with efficient flows between human tasks, systems (API), robotics and/or Internet of Things. The integrated automation platform connects all parts of a process for true automation.

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Anders Jensen

Anders Jensen is a passionate teacher and an independent RPA consultant who quit his day job to follow his passion to become a YouTuber. With 4+ years of experience in this domain, he is a UiPath and Microsoft Power Automate specialist. He holds a UiPath MVP badge 2021. His YouTube videos cover UiPath, Microsoft Power Automate, OpenRPA, Robocorp, and Leapwork.

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Roman Hruška

Roman is an intelligent RPA developer and a consultant at Robot ICT, a Czech Republic based company.

Coming from a teaching background in electronics, he currently also teaches RPA at Robot ICT Academy and solves interesting RPA Friday challenges on YouTube where he showcases smart solutions.

Possessing 3+ years of experience in RPA, his core competencies include but are not limited to building RPA community and learning new programming and foreign languages such as English, Russian, German Spanish and Swedish.

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Lahiru Fernando

Starting his career as a Data Analyst, Lahiru is currently heading Boundaryless Group as Country Director (Sri Lanka)/Executive RPA Lead – Asia Region and is considered as an RPA leader in the community.

He is a certified Advanced UiPath RPA Developer, Solution Architect and a UiPath MVP, mentor, trainer and one of 19 finalists of UiPath HyperHack 2020.

His core competencies include but are not limited to RPA using UiPath and Blue Prism and other technologies include C# & VB.Net, Oracle 10g & 11g.

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Sagar Sable

Sagar is a seasoned RPA rockstar working with Wonderbotz as Senior Consultant & Solution Architect. With more than 7 years of solid experience, he holds several advanced UiPath certifications and has been a great mentor and trainer in the RPA community.

As they say, charity begins at home: he has completed more than 80+ self-driven automation projects.

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Nisarg Kadam

Nisarg is a seasoned UiPath developer and a community builder with 4+ years of experience. He works with WonderBotz as a senior consultant where is responsible for automation assessment strategy, automation architecture and intelligent document automation modeling and configuration, to name a few.

He runs a YouTube channel where he creates educational content for both newcomers and experienced RPA developers. His core competencies are but not limited to RPA, Machine Learning, Chatbot development with an inclination towards customer service & team management.

He has earned multiple certifications from UiPath and Automation Anywhere.

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Syed Pasha

Syed is a passionate RPA professional and an Automation Lead at Roboyo with 4+ years of experience in this domain and total 9 in IT. He has been helping and supporting the RPA community by regular educational content and solving complex automation challenges.

He is a regular speaker at various conferences and forums and holds a UiPath MVP badge for his meaningful contributions in the community.

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Dave Morris

Dave is an experienced RPA developer with 5+ years of experience. He currently works with 3Ci as a senior RPA developer. He holds multiple certifications from Blue Prism and has been a Blue Prism MVP.

He creates high quality RPA video content on YouTube with the focus on Blue Prism and recently Microsoft Power Automate.

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Anmol Yadav

Anmol comes from a strong engineering background and is an RPA analyst at Speridian Technologies. She is a YouTuber, an RPA Evangelist and an amazing community leader. 

She holds several advanced UiPath certifications and is a UiPath MVP. Her current focus is on enabling business users to become citizen developers by guiding them through her YouTube videos.

Contact with her:

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Anurag Singh

Anurag holds a UiPath MVP 2021 badge and is a Global RPA Manager at INEOS Styrolution where he designs, develops and implements RPA global strategy and governance model. He is a UiPath certified professional with several years of experience in this domain.

His focus is upskilling business users so that they can join the digitalisation journey and contribute to their vision of Automation First mindset.

In his spare time, he contributes to the RPA community through making YouTube videos and helping RPA enthusiasts. 

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Nidhi Chaturvedi

Nidhi is an experienced RPA developer who currently works with Citrix. She designs and implements intelligent automations to solve business problems.

Her core competencies include but are not limited to developing RPA solutions with Automation Anywhere, UiPath and WorkFusion. She is skilled in multiple programming languages such as C# and VB.Net.

She was recognized by UiPath as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in 2021.

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Micah Smith

Being a developer evangelist at Automation Anywhere, Micah is passionate about empowering RPA developers through the creation of build-along tutorials, best practices, shared sample code, and any other content that encourages hands-on participation.

As a former CoE lead of a Fortune 100 Financial services robotics program, he has extensive experience in building successful RPA practices. 

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DynamicCIO congratulates all RPA Rockstars who made it to the list. We have invested time and energy into identifying the right ones from the community – They are the ones who regularly invest time and dedication into providing help and inspiring others with the goal to take the robot out of a human.

And, if you don’t already, you definitely should follow them and stay ahead of the curve with expert updates.

By Bablu Kumar

Bablu Kumar is a technology writer with a focus on cybersecurity and the IT domain at large. The topics he writes about include AI and automation, malware, data breaches, exploits, and security defenses, as well as research and innovation in information security. Feel free to connect with him at

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