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Merely Being Digital Won’t Cut the Ice: Anjna Bhati, BluePi Consulting

COVID-19 pandemic stirred businesses and had a wide-ranging and lasting impact on both Indian and global economies. The outbreak of virus at such a scale caused a widespread concern for every industry, including the large segments of BFSI and Retail. Organizations that adapt to this reality and leverage their innovation capacity, technology and customer outreach will not only be better positioned to survive, but also attain more growth. Smruti Gandhi, Director – Community Engagement & Executive Editor, dynamicCIO (DCIO) spoke to Anjna Bhati – Director, Data Analytics and AI at BluePi Consulting (henceforth AB) on how the BFSI and Retail industries can leverage new age technologies for being future-ready.

Below are the excerpts:

DCIO: How is technology redefining outcomes in a digital-first world?
AB: For a customer, getting a loan meant long waiting hours in banks and the unending list of documents to be filled. This scenario has been flipped for Millennials and Gen-Z customers for whom mobile is a bank, insurance company, wallet and most other transaction activities.
And not just customer’s life has been redefined in the digital-first world, the employees’ work has changed significantly from merely doing data entry to finding out actionable insights. Today, the BFSI companies are investing in modernizing their infrastructure, simplifying and automating operations, building predictive analytics models etc. BluePi helps them to optimally build these capabilities to keep pace with the ever-evolving business landscape.

DCIO: Can you elaborate a little more on how digital is reshaping the Retail sector?
AB: In the past decade, the retail sector has been one of the most transformative sectors. The disruptive force was none other than the eCommerce boom and the growth in digital payments options. While internet penetration is one of the key forces to enable this, we can’t deny the benefits the online retail offers; unlimited catalogues, faster, free deliveries, multiple payment modes, easy returns, rural outreach, same-day delivery and much more that has enticed even the most prudent of the population. Having an impactful digital presence is no more an option for the firms and BluePi helps its partners establish what they need.

DCIO: How is BluePi innovating its offerings for these two sectors?
AB: we have been working on some of the truly transformative projects for our business partners and delivering them in a record time. These projects range from ‘redefining their existing payment mechanism’ to ‘reaching out to their customers in a more personalized manner. These projects not only helped our partners substantially increase their revenues but also helped create better, timely solutions that the entire industry admires.

DCIO: What does future look like for BluePi?
AB: Though we are extremely successful in a short period, we are still operating in sort of a stealth mode. The road ahead is challenging, but exciting, nonetheless. We take pride in having one of the industry best NPS scores from our business partners. This has constantly inspired us to do more and keep innovating. In the coming days, we are looking forward to improving our depth of knowledge and understanding in the domains that we work for and alongside help, our partners execute even more challenging and transformative projects. With an amazing set of talent on the floor, we have just begun to redefine the solutions that tech can offer and there is no slowing down now.

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