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Mr. Sarajit Jha, Tata Steel on Increasing Significance of Digital Transformation in Changed Times

As they say, “Difficult times often bring out the best in people.” If we can be a lit more audacious we can say, “Difficult times also bring out the best in organisations.” Since 24 March 2020, the day when India came to a grinding halt – of course besides those essential services and work done for humanitarian aid – till today, when the people’s resilience is up against the deadly 2nd wave of Coronavirus, it’s been quite some experience. While on one hand we suffered a huge loss of lives, and employment due to a total shutdown of businesses and marginal entrepreneurs going almost bust on the other hand a vast, populous country like India also proved it is resilient to a large extent and is based on solid fundamentals.

Talking about resiliency, no one had any idea of the longevity of the halt and shutdown. Every business prepares for business continuity but not for such prolonged period. It was unprecedented and unheard of. However, after a period of 3-4 months, when things started getting a little better, many organisations found themselves at crossroads specially those who weren’t technologically matured and progressive. Among many other things, the grandest exercise that every business had to accomplish was to enable almost the entire workforce to work from home. It wasn’t an ordinary task as it had a multitude of challenges – lift and shift of compute hardware, providing connectivity, creating a safe corridor for data to travel, ensuring mobility on the go etc.

Clearly, those which could return to work without much friction were those who had a vision for the future and were already at an advanced stage of their digital transformation journey. Those were the organisations which took the least time to not only bounce back to work but also serve their customers, employees, partners, dealers and other ecosystem players without many compromises on the CX or EX front.

Tata Steel, whose motto is ‘we also make tomorrow‘ operates in 26 countries with commercial presence in over 50 countries and employees across five continents, is one such organisation with strong digital fundamentals.

Smruti Gandhi, Director Community Engagement & Executive Editor Grey Head Media along with Rahul Neel Mani, Co-founder of Grey Head Media spoke to Sarajit Jha, Chief of Business Transformation & Digital Solutions, Tata Steel on a multitude of issues.

“It’s very important to make a distinction between the two interchangeably used words – simple and easy. I personally follow Einstein and feel most things are simple. Things can be as simple as they are, not any simpler,” says Sarajit, while taking us through the whole nine yards of digital transformation of Tata Steel.

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