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Outcome Based Digital Projects will Top the CIO’s Priority List: Lux Rao, NTT (Ltd.) India

You all must have seen an image floating across various social media platforms including WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn which is in the form of a question:  “What inspired your digital transformation?

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  • Covid-19

Now, this could be a good pun. But whatever the world could achieve in the ongoing crisis situation, where most organisations were forced to lockdown and opt for remote work, is due to the digital footprint that they’d built over the years. Also, the temporary closure of workplaces have given organisations a ‘warning’ that they have to speed up their digital transformation initiatives or be left out of the race entirely. Prior to this crisis, what most CIOs considered digital transformation for was to deal with the competition posed by digital native disruptors. But all of a sudden we see COVID-19 pushing everyone towards it.

It seems to have become the ‘survival’ formula. Has it? What’s that organisations need to focus? What should be their new digital blueprint? How shall they wisely select technologies that can give them an ‘outcome-based’ success? All this

Lux Rao, Solutions Director and Leader, Digital Transformation, NTT (Ltd.) India spoke to on a range of issues pertaining to Digital Transformation and its importance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Listen in.

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