A cascade of “game-changing” technologies appears at the beginning of each year. These technologies promise big wins for operators of amusement & theme parks. Simulator, projection, and interactive technologies have altered the design of amusement parks. The attractions of the last generation of theme parks were based on scenic views and roller coaster rides. Today’s parks use digital technology to put visitors in the midst of the action. Customers are now a  part of the story.

Smruti Gandhi, Executive Editor, DynamicCIO spoke with Dhimant Bakshi, CEO, Imagicaaworld Entertainment Limited on how new-age tech is used in amusement parks to make ‘fun go digital.’

Watch this discussion to find out how:

1. Theme parks bounced back, post the lockdown

2. Imagicaaworld is creating the next generation of entertainment and customer experience

3. The use of customer service is driving customer experience

Listen in…

By Smruti Gandhi

Smruti has a rich academic & professional background. After completing post graduation from S P Jain Institute of Management Studies , Smruti has worked with Dun & Bradstreet, Great Place to Work before joining Grey Head Media.

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