The last two years have been truly transformative. Several studies indicate that COVID-19 fastened the adoption of digital technologies by several years, and changed the global business landscape.

The cloud has moved from just a good to have to a must-have. The cloud, or multiple clouds, to be honest, now form the fulcrum of this paradigm shift. Technologists are seeking newer and compelling ways to manage the growing cloud infrastructure on which business revolves. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that cloud has become the key lever for organizations to achieve agility, scalability, and pervasive security.

In the first podcast of this series, Kunal Kaul, Managing Director, Enterprise Sales, Cisco India & SAARC shared his insights on how Cisco is helping organizations in their digital transformation journey and how Cisco Meraki is simplifying the hybrid cloud environment that we are now living in.

“We are able to offer a platform to our customers that allows them to converge several different aspects of their infrastructure, whether it is their campus network, their wide area network, their IoT devices, security setup, and a whole bunch of infrastructure elements that exist in their environment. Meraki allows them to converge the management orchestration analytics that can be done on these different elements through a single pane of glass and delivered in a cloud-native fashion,” says Kunal Kaul.

Today’s podcast, the second in the series, is with Ashish Wattal, Managing Director, Public Sector and Commercial Segments, Cisco India, a deep dive into learning more about the Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed IT platforms and how they are transforming enterprise tech operations across the world.

“Our mission is to free all the IT users from mundane tasks, and in doing so, they can invest their time, effort, and energy into business-related activities, and thereby help contribute towards better business outcomes,” said Ashish Wattal.

To find out how Meraki delivers exceptional experiences, listen to this podcast:

By Bablu Kumar

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