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Smarter Data Mngt & a User Friendly Platform Prime Focus of HyLyt App Says Rajat Singhania, Founder

The evolution of technology accelerates over time because each generation of technological innovation improves on the previous one.

Online communication tools be it from email to virtual chat and video-conferencing  have transformed the way we work. In many respects they’ve made life easier. Without them we could not have made the shift to remote working during the pandemic. Digital overload had increased due to too many digital tools, too much information. Changing the way information is managed and simplified is the challenge of the day.

Based in Vadodara, SocioRAC has built ‘HyLyt’, a home grown Indian app to increase productivity, manage businesses, and increase collaboration, save money & time. HyLyt is bringing a whole new dimension thus making it a 3-dimensional way of managing data storage by converting it into a matrix.

Rajat Singhania, Founder of HyLyt by SocioRAC speaks to DynamicCIO wherein he elaborates more on the functionality of the App and how Hylyt focuses on smarter data management which has evolved the platform in a very user-friendly way.

The consumer App is free with limited time/ features and have paid version for both individuals and businesses. People can decide if they want to pay by letting apps use their data for analytics etc, or pay by some nominal monetary amount to have full control over their data says Rajat.

DyanmicCIO:  Briefly tell us what is HyLyt App? What does it do? What are the key problems that it solves? 

Rajat: HyLyt helps to save data from anywhere instantly, structure and recall it with ease, and collaborate with teams remotely, while protecting your intellectual property. Its a patented product offers a unique value to both individuals and businesses alike. The app aims to systemize and categorize the enormous amount of unstructured data generated by users in each platform used by them and act as a single source for storing relevant sensitive information in a highly protected way. It aims to generate 2.5 billion man-hours of additional productive time by 2025 thus leveraging digital technology to help enterprises to manage their digital data overload.

A key feature of HyLyt is secured communication; note making and sharing are at one place. One can share files (images, video and all others). One can create and schedule meetings in the app only, reducing the task of sharing meeting details. One of the best options on HyLyt is the ability to have password protected chats and ability to prevent others from sharing and forwarding your messages.

DyanmicCIO:  What is the technology for which the US patent body granted patent rights to HyLyt? 

R.S: The patent has been granted on two parameters:

1 . Our unique ability to interlink data on multiple parameters, ability to interlink data gathered from multiple platforms and ability to find data on multiple criteria’s.

2 . It is been granted on the entire flow of how the product works, to enable users to manage information, Inter-connected and find it based on multiple criteria.

Patent application was filed in 2017, and followed due process with the patent officer enquiry on different concerns which our legal counsel represented and clarified our uniqueness, proving how we are different from any other existing product or the other references. Thus, each concern was addressed and showed that the HyLyt is truly unique product having functions and features which is not currently available on any other existing product.

Today data management happens in a linear vertical 2-dimensional structure commonly known as a folder and directory. HyLyt is bringing a whole new dimension thus making it a 3-dimensional way of managing data storage by converting it into a matrix.

There could be a 100s of pieces of information in 10s of folders of many different formats interconnected to each other through a single thread which we call a Metatag. Each piece information can have upto 10 such metatags, which is how we make your data 10 times more powerful and this is one of our patented feature giving a significant value add to people to empower, enrich and make their data way more powerful and efficient.

DyanmicCIO:  How can various industries/businesses leverage HyLyt?

R.S: Being a horizontal product, this is useful in almost all industries and almost all users. Some key industries where it is most useful – media, distribution channels, government and services like education, legal, financial etc. Reason being the ability to manage sensitive information that matters at one place with better structures and data security.

The US patent office has granted patent rights to the HyLyt app for its unique innovative information manageability feature. The platform can be used by individuals and enterprises to securely collaborate and improve their productivity with an innovative feature around information manageability.

DyanmicCIO:  From a Cybersecurity standpoint, how does the Application help prevent data breaches and provides a 360-degree view of all important information in one place?

R.S: In terms of cyber security HyLyt has provided all the standard security protocols like end –to – end encryption. Data from our app will never end up on any outside platform, as we are not here to monetize data. The data is secured and never going out so it’s complete data privacy.

We have given the business users an option to host the data on their cloud server which is under their own control. Our focus is providing a seamless experience in technology and making businesses grow

There is also a huge challenge in organizations today when an employee leaves the job, the data leaves with him and there are multiple studies conducted which shows that more than 70% employees accept they take the data with them.

HyLyt has a way to ensure that data is kept intact as the admin can instantly remotely remove all data from any user’s account and device (for the employee who has left) and thus the data is saved with the business. Moreover, sender can decide whether the recipient can re-share or forward the company data. So whether it is data privacy or leakage control or data security, we have taken precautions so that user’s data is secured on our platform.

DyanmicCIO:  HyLyt has recently partnered with MSME Business Forum to help with technological capabilities and ensure comprehensive data security & protection. Your views on this partnership and how do you plan to bring in standardization?

R.S: I strongly believe that Indian MSMEs need more technology intervention to make them efficient and sustain against the competition. HyLyt is an endeavor to support these businesses through their entire lifecycle and adapt to the changing style of business environment. In this era of the gig economy, sometimes projects require the creation of teams consisting of freelancers or people not working in the same organization or even the same country.

Digital collaboration tools become vital for these applications thus enabling remote working and cost cutting. Access to technology and transforming business to efficient units of operation is the only way to success in the coming time. HyLyt is a unique technology that works on top of multiple apps and data silos to converse and collaborate which will help the small businesses to control the teams and enhance productivity. The app helps to prevent data leakages and get a 360 view of all information that matters at one place.

The app is a smart product that is designed to provide optimal performance on one hand and is versatile and organization friendly on the other. The app can be customized for users, organization and entire stakeholder of the businesses, thus making them self-sufficient and less dependent on manpower.

A few highlight of the app that is unique to the MSME sector are:

  • Keeping data on their own server: HyLyt offers the MSME businesses the option of hosting your data on your own server if you so desire.
  • Withdraw Data & Restrict Access: Protect the business IP by withdrawing access rights or pulling sensitive data back at any time, thus protecting business accessibility and credibility.
  • Customize Permissions: HyLyt helps the businesses to control who is allowed to see, share and edit data on the app itself.


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