India is one of the fastest adopters of viral social audio app Clubhouse after it launched on the Android platform in May 2021, a senior official of the company said in a recent press event. The app is also looking to expand into payments, ticketing and other new revenue streams. The audio-only app hosts live discussions, with opportunities to participate through speaking and listening.

Clubhouse the invite-only audio chat app, will soon introduce payments features in India, allowing users to pay creators for the shows they host on the platform. The feature is already live in the United States.

Clubhouse cofounder Rohan Seth told in a press conference the company is also charting out a monetisation plan, which will experiment with adding new options like payments, subscription, ticketing and tipping.

The company is also working on launching tips and subscriptions. “There’s no timeline for tips and subscriptions for India. But, we want to do it,” Seth said.

“It’s only about week or so that we scaled payments in the US and we are still gathering feedback, we want to make sure the experience is good and then we are going to aggressively plan to scale internationally and if I had to guess, India would be one of the first few markets we would want to do that”.

Seth said that the company’s invite-only system is helping ensure that experience is maintained for users. “The invite system is there because we are trying to grow slowly. We are interested in rolling out to the whole world. We need to invest in that infrastructure and we are continuously doing that.”

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