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Use Next Gen Digital Innovation to Revolutionize Judiciary: Manthan Trivedi, CEO, ManCorp

With the emergence of new technologies, digital is not an option but a necessity today. It is affecting all sectors. The judicial sector too needs this transformation, leading to greater efficiency and working models. Muqbil Ahmar, Executive Editor, dynamicCIO spoke with Manthan Trivedi, CEO, ManCorp Innovation Labs. Founded by dynamic entrepreneurs Manthan TrivediRathin Deshpande, and Vishnu Gite, ManCorp’s objective is to create niche, unique and targeted products that bring along exemplary value addition to all the stakeholders involved in the product life cycle and seeks to revolutionise the judicial sector. The company aspires to be a global leader in AI Softwares. The mission of the company is to innovate digital mechanisms that save time while making digital workflow easier and exponentially faster than traditional physical work/workflow.

During the video interview, Trivedi talks about ManCorp’s journey, its focus on helping the Indian judiciary system reduce its pending case burden, AI and data analytics solutions to help the judiciary system, leveraging  legal vocabulary creation for Natural Language processing (NLP) and further business plans and wants to introduce at least five AI initiatives in key areas of governance.

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