Micro Focus recently introduced the ValueEdge value stream management platform to help organizations make effective assessments and advancements to balance the investment, quality, and risk operations.

ValueEdge enables organizations to easily and quickly identify high-value business change as it flows across an organization’s digital product lifecycle. Being a cloud-based solution, modular and flexible in approach that delivers fully managed services for any organization.

On the occasion of National Technology Day, Saurabh Saxena, Country Director, MicroFocus speaks to DynamicCIO and says “we want to bridge the old and the new by maximizing the ROI on existing software investments and enabling innovation in the new hybrid model for enterprise IT”.

The aim is providing a single source of truth across all product delivery domains, from strategy to delivery, removing the need to produce and collate reports, metrics, and insights from multiple disparate tools.

It has been designed to be a seamless, cloud-native platform powered by an advanced data lake, common data model, robust integration hub, and predictive AI-powered analytics.

From the point of long term benefits and implications ValueEdge is tailored to best suit the organization’s toolchain through its intuitive, unified user interface and prebuilt connectors for making its deployment and value generation agile and easy.

It integrates easily with the organization’s existing toolchains today, and through its open API microservices, it incorporates the innovations for tomorrow making it a technology implementation and investment for the long term.

ValueEdge Will Speed up Automation

ValueEdge integrates with the organizations’ existing toolchains to improve productivity and remove friction in operations through smart automation. With AI-powered analytics, ValueEdge delivers actionable insights utilizing deep learning and predictions.

The ability to manage key continuous quality and functional testing activities helps reduce data risks and maximize ROI for faster application delivery, enhanced customer satisfaction, and gain an edge for competitive advantage.

ValueEdge is also equipped with smart-policy-based pipeline tracking, management capabilities for autonomous delivery from ideation to release, and AI-powered automation to maximize velocity and value delivery.

It delivers end-to-end value stream management capabilities to improve production efficiency, maximize quality delivery, and align business goals with development resources.

Gaps ValueEdge Able to Mitigate in a Digital Framework

In the digitally advanced era, organizations need to move fast without disrupting business continuity. Hence, software delivery teams feel the pressure to deliver high-quality applications quickly. DevOps, cloud-native design, open-source tooling, and microservices have pushed software development and delivery forward.

Saxena elaborated these innovations can also cause complexity and efficiency if the IT framework is not mature, and the software does not meet the demands of the organization. To address these challenges, IT teams need to align business and IT goals to gain visibility of the required digital product delivery pipeline.

As teams recognize the need for speed and shift their focus to value-based delivery, value stream management gains importance to prioritize the best mix of deliverables against the investments and transform the enterprise delivery processes for success in the marketplace.

The company is focused in delivering customer centric innovations which is  scalable and in-built analytics. This focus allows MicroFocus to deliver on their mission to put customers at the center of innovation and deliver high-quality, enterprise-grade scalable software that their teams can be proud of.

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  1. AI powered automation, that’s interesting .. many businesses are struggling with providing apt customer satisfaction and to deliver quality services.. let’s see how this helps.

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